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Top 5 Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023

summer festivals 2 min read , April 10, 2023
Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023
Photographer: Aditya Chinchure | Source: Unsplash

Belgium is bursting with exciting events this summer, whether you're a local or a visitor, these festivals offer countless opportunities to explore the city, immerse yourself in its culture, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. In this article, we'll delve into Top 5 most popular festivals happening in Belgium this summer. With festivals covering everything from music, art, culture, and more, there's truly something for everyone. So, get your calendars out, and prepare to experience the best of Belgium's festival scene in 2023!

5 Popular Summer Festivals in Belgium:

  1. Tomorrowland
  2. Gentse Feesten
  3. Pukkelpop
  4. Les Ardentes festival
  5. Ostend Beach Festival


Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023
Photographer: Jessey Bijl | Source: Unsplash

Tomorrowland is considered to be among the biggest music festivals, that is hosted annually in Belgium. It is known for its elaborate stage designs, impressive visual effects, and world-class lineups, Tomorrowland has become an icon in the world of festivals. The 2023 edition is scheduled to take place over two consecutive weekends, July 21st-23rd and July 28th-30th.

Gentse Feesten

Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023
Photographer: Danny Howe | Source: Unsplash

Gentse Feesten, also known as the Ghent Festival, is one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe. It is a 10-day event that takes place in the city of Ghent. The festival is a celebration of art, music, and culture and features over 1,500 events spread across multiple locations in the city. The upcoming 2023 edition of Gentse Feesten is scheduled from July 14th to July 23rd.


Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023
Photographer: Arthur Edelmans | Source: Unsplash

Pukkelpop is one of the biggest music festivals in Belgium and takes place annually in Hasselt. The festival is known for its diverse lineup, which includes both established and up-and-coming artists from a wide range of genres. The 2023 edition of Pukkelpop will be held from August 17th to August 20th . The lineup for this year includes: Billie Eilish, Anne - Marie, Angèle, Joji, and etc.

Les Ardentes Festival

Summer Festivals in Belgium 2023
Photographer: Pablo Heimplatz | Source: Unsplash

Les Ardentes Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in Belgium. This summer festival has been taking place since 2006 in Liège, Belgium. The 2023 edition is scheduled to take place from July 6th to July 9th. The lineup for this year's festival includes: DJ Snake, Travis Scott, J Balvin and etc. It is undoubtedly a must-attend for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Belgian summer festivals.

Ostend Beach Festival

Ostend Beach Festival
Photographer: Anthony DELANOIX | Source: Unsplash

It is a well-known music festival that takes place in the Belgian city of Ostend. The festival has been running since 2010 and is a popular destination for electronic dance music fans. The 2023 edition is scheduled to take place on July 8th and 9th and The lineup for the festival is always impressive, with a mix of established and emerging artists from the electronic dance music scene. If you're a fan of electronic music and enjoy attending music festivals, the Ostend Beach Festival is definitely worth considering.

Some Additional Music Festivals that Take Place in Belgium:

Photographer: Aditya Chinchure | Source: Unsplash
  1. Rock Werchter
  2. Couleur Café
  3. Cactus Festival
  4. Graspop Metal Meeting
  5. Gent Jazz Festival
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