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Top 8 apps to help you find friends: or how to find like-minded people on the Internet to communicate with them in reality.

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In today's article, we're going to offer you a complete list with which we'll take a look at the best apps to make new friends that we love the most. Leave loneliness aside and start making plans now thanks to them.

Find friends to do fun activities together - Photographer: Manny Moreno | Source: Unsplash

Smartphone šŸ“±, when used correctly, helps not only fight blues, but also quickly make new friends. Thanks to the format of easy communication on interesting topics, you can replenish your environment with interesting and enthusiastic people. And this is an additional source of motivation and good mood. Before heading to all our app suggestions, top tip when buying a proper smartphone: get a discount...

So, letā€™s start our list of top apps to find like-minded people:

UNBLND: unblind when you feel ready

UNBLND is a social network that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends. Based on your interests and hobbies, we get you in touch with like-minded people. You get to know them, unblind their profiles and make plans! There are 3 main differences of this app from other apps for making friends:

1. Unblind when you feel ready. By default, no profile picture is visible. People look for friends based on shared interests and preferences, and not based on the beauty of the photo or a large number of likes.

2. Dating free / not for romance. The platform is not designed to find sexual partners or find a husband/wife. Although we will be very happy if doing your favourite hobby together, will lead you to love and relationships. However, this is not a priority. The priority is precisely finding people with whom you can walk with the dogs, play basketball, discuss the coming of a comet, or try a new pie recipe together.

3. Keeps you out of unnecessary information and people.
Our smart algorithm will automatically suggest interesting groups for you based on your location and your preferences. We will offer you only what you are looking for, as personalised and thoughtful as possible.

Find UNBLND on theĀ App Store andĀ Google Play!

Tandem: helps to learn a foreign language

Some people easily communicate with anyone, but complain about poor English, others cannot utter a word, although they learned several languages. Both will be helped by the Tandem application, which allows you to find a partner for language practice around the world with whom you can communicate on interesting topics at any time. Learning a foreign language in this way is psychologically much easier than forcing yourself to sit at textbooks.

Tandem on theĀ App Store andĀ Google Play!

YouDo: will find like-minded people

The mobile application will help not only find helpers for work and household chores, but also introduce like-minded people. For example, you would like to spend an evening in a cafe and talk to someone who is passionate about surfing. To do this, it is enough to place an application to which candidates will respond. You can choose a new acquaintance by the photo in your profile, and discuss the details of the meeting in personal correspondence. It gives motivation and helps to act: start going to the gym, sign up for a dance lesson, choose a surfing camp.

YouDo on theĀ App Store andĀ Google Play

Meetup: helps you find support

In this application you can learn to cook, dance, play board games and find other activities in the company of people with the same interests. There are communities for reading, outdoor activities, fitness, dog and cat owners, professional contact groups, communities for those who have recently moved to the city, support communities. In such a company, everyone can feel better and achieve their goals, be it participating in a marathon, building a career or playing the drum kit.

Meetup on theĀ App Store andĀ Google Play

Tinder: will find a couple of friends

Despite the fact that this application is the most popular (or isnā€™t it anymore?) for romantic dating in the world, it helps not only in finding a couple. If you are not looking for a relationship, then using the service, you can simply chat with new people and expand the circle of friends with whom you will have fun, travel and enjoy pleasant communication, wherever you are. In order to make an acquaintance in this application, you don't even need to start a dialogue. It is enough to like the photo you like and, if the interlocutor is also interested, immediately start communication. The system of mutual consent excludes contact with an unwanted or intrusive interlocutor. Everything is built on the basis of mutual interest and sympathy.

Tinder on theĀ App Store, andĀ Google Play!

Yep!: will offer joint activities

Walk, sport, lunch, coffee - whatever you choose, Yep! will find you company. The mobile application is focused on meetings "here and now", so the posted application is valid for only an hour. This is enough to find someone with similar interests and arrange a meeting. This format is great if you are sad and want to quickly cheer up. A new acquaintance is best suited for this.

Yep! on the Google Play store.

Making friends - Photographer: Valiant Made | Source: Unsplash

Happn: uses hypergeolocation technology

You can only see people with whom you have crossed paths before. Perhaps you have breakfast in the same coffee shop, go to the same cinema, studied at the same university, or once flew on the same flight. With Happn, you don't have to make a date specifically, you just need to meet in a familiar place. If you like someone, just click ā€œlikeā€. The chat will open with mutual sympathy. The service is convenient for residents of large cities.

Happn on theĀ App Store,Ā and on Google Play.

Sapio: let's go back to specific services

The Sapio app was created for those who value the intelligence of their partner first and foremost. At Sapio, you can choose from 300 questions and answer them in free form. Here you can not only talk about your hobbies, but also demonstrate your erudition and sense of humor. After you fill out the questionnaire, the app will start searching based on your personality type, interests and intelligence level. Sapio will then offer you several candidates. If you like each other, you can start a correspondence.

Sapio on theĀ App Store.

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