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What does UNBLND mean?

how it works 2 min read , September 21, 2020

Are you wondering what does UNBLND mean? This article we will explain what UNBLND means and everything you need to know about this app! We know you have doubts so we will solve them all here. No more confusion, you will be able to understand this community and make new friends!

find like-minded people - UNBLND
UNBLND- Social Network for finding like-minded people

UNBLND reads as unblind and it means to free from blindness, to wake up, to remove the secrecy, to open your eyes! Uff. But why no "i" [eye]? It's literally what it represents, nothing is based on looks. Save the “without looks” for later to understand the concept better ;)

Have you ever thought that sharing your interests only with people that are driven by the same interests as you would be possible on a social network? UNBLND is a platform made for sharing real experiences with like-minded people. UNBLND is not the usual social network. It could even be the best social network. And we can prove why.

The main differences from other social networks:

1. Unblind when you feel ready

By default, no profile picture is visible. This is done so that people look for friends based on shared interests and preferences, and not based on the beauty of the photo or the presence of a large number of likes.

2. Dating free/not for romance

UNBLND isn´t to find sexual partners or find a husband/wife. Although we will be very happy if after doing your favourite hobby with someone nice, this will lead to love and relationships. However, this is not a priority. The priority is simply finding people with who you can walk with the dogs, play basketball, discuss the coming of a comet, or try a new pie recipe together.

3. Keeps you out of unnecessary information and people

Our smart algorithm will automatically suggest interest groups for you based on your location and your preferences. UNBLND will offer you only what you are looking for, as personalised and thoughtful as possible.

We also have our foundation in these three main pillars:

  • Save you time
  • Want to make you feel safe
  • Help you expand your circle with like-minded people

Today the application is being prepared for launch, which means that now we are preparing everything for our first users. If you want us to help you avoid loneliness, boredom and allow you to do what you love in good company, then go to our website and leave your email. As soon as we are ready to launch, we will send you an invitation! You will not receive any spam from us.

Alternatively, you can already download the app for Android and iOS.

If you have any questions about our like-minded people community and the way we take care of your privacy you can read about our safety and community guidelines here. We would like to help in any way we can. Happy UNBLNDING!

UNBLND - find like-minded People
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