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Community Rules

We want to have fun and as much successful gatherings as possible! That's normal. That's our goal. Therefore, we will give general guidelines and rules for the safety of each user making a happy community.

Safety tips

We all like to meet new people. We get excited and join the flow of a group of like-minded people, but we want you to be cautious. You are going to meet people you do not know properly. Therefore, we give these following safety tips that you should follow:

> First impression & messaging

  • Never share any financial information and never send money
    If someone asks you to provide financial information or ask to make a payment, the user is definitely a fraud or scammer. Please, report this user and the actions involved.
  • Stay on UNBLND
    People with different intentions generally want to move the conversation to an environment they can control more. You always should get to know each other better before giving out your phone number, email or other. People with a secret agenda will give out contact details quite fast. You can certainly check the domain used of their email address or the land code of the phone number to make sure you are located in the same country. Frauds will try to also move towards another online platform. Most of them relating to sexual experiences offering an inexistent paradise. Many of these websites contain fake profiles. UNBLND is free for end users, so it is very strange someone wants to talk in another platform, which ends up to be a platform where you need to pay to send messages to (false) profiles.
  • Report suspicious behaviour
    You know when someone’s crossed the line and when they do, we want to know about it. Here are some examples of violations:
    - Requests for money or donations;
    - Underaged users;
    - Harassment, threats, and offensive messages;
    - Inappropriate or harmful behavior during or after meeting in person;
    - Fraudulent profiles;
    - Spam or solicitation including links to commercial websites or attempts to sell products or services.
Block and report anyone that violates our terms.
Send us an email with all information at report@unblnd.com.

> Meeting in reality

  • Take your time
    Get acquainted with the users in the groups. Try to find out more about them. Ask them to unblnd and provide more personal information to verify their identity. Do not hesitate to ask more questions and perhaps ask for a phone or video call prior to a meeting.
  • Meet in public
    Choose or suggest a public, populated place. Do not hesitate to suggest another more convenient place in case another user suggest an odd place.
  • Inform friends and family
    Tell your plans to friends and family. Do not worry, meeting new people is normal and you do not have to be shy about it. Keep your phone charged so you can warn someone in case of emergency. Also inform yourself about the local emergency calls.
  • Stay comfortable
    A meeting in reality should be fun and amusing. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, leave. If needed, ask some help of a bartender.

> Sexual

  • Do not push
    The purpose of UNBLND is meeting up in group based on your interests. The main purpose is not dating. So do not push anyone into something they do not like and listen to other people.
  • Protect
    In case you both agree to get to know each more deeply, be aware of consequences of unprotected sex. We also advise to have regular health checkups. There are even online business selling health kits like abel.care.
  • Talk
    When having a sexual experience talk about your concerns and desires. Here you can get tips about talking to your partner about (std) testing.
  • Stay comfortable
    A meeting in reality should be fun and amusing. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, leave. If needed, ask some help of a bartender.