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> social network driven by interests
> meet people in group immediately
> have real experiences together
UNBLND is looking for a


  • Department: Founding Team
  • Apply before any time, any date
  • Commitment? Yes!
We build trust communities

UNBLND is a social network based on interests, designed to help people connect with others in a comfortable manner. At UNBLND, we believe that everyone deserves to have a space where they can express themselves and connect with others who understand their unique perspectives.
From all around the world, our interest-driven social network UNBLND drops anonymous people into specific groups where they can chat and have meaningful experiences together.

We make the world a happier place

UNBLND is the universe’s most anonymous and inclusive social network where people can tailor their privacy to their own needs and be comfortable in their own way. Looks, background or gender are not important for having valuable friendships or genuine connections.

Why Join the UNBLND team?
We are committed to creating a naturally more inclusive work environment that embraces diversity. Our design was co-created with a diverse group of Erasmus Interns. We strive to ensure that all voices are heard and valued at UNBLND.
We believe that by creating a diverse team we can better understand and serve the needs of our users around the world. That’s why we are looking for a co-founder with different experiences from ours to help challenge our assumptions and make our platform more inclusive for everyone.
Your Role
We are seeking a co-founder to join our team and help lead the company to bigger success. As a co-founder, you will have a unique opportunity to shape the vision and direction of UNBLND and work closely with other members of our team to drive growth and engagement on our platform. You will share responsibility with our two existing founders to develop and implement strategies to attract and retain users, build partnerships, grow our financial sustainability, help tell the world about our work, and co-create a thriving work environment for our team.
We want to take a leading role in a new way of social networking. You must be excited about sharing this vision and take a decision-making role within the company.
Now we are wondering...
What kinda person are you?!

We like everyone… 🙃

But for this position, you’ll need to be …
  • commercially-driven
  • target-minded
  • independent
  • verbally strong
  • motivational
Because you will have to …
  • have a passion for building communities and connecting people with similar interests
  • have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate others
  • prove a track record of developing and implementing successful sales, marketing, and/or finance strategies
  • work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
So, what do we expect from you?
Your skills and personality mix
We value diversity and believe that by bringing in a co-founder with different experiences and perspectives, we can further enhance our platform's inclusivity and impact. Looking to mix with our DISC-traits, an ideal candidate would possess a blend of red and yellow traits, while also understanding and valuing other calm, more introverted persons. The co-founder should have an (slight) extroverted and business-oriented mindset, making quick decisions and taking a leadership role commercially. The co-founder should also be skilled in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, public speaking, and leadership within a startup or impactful company. The candidate should be passionate about building communities, connecting people, and share our vision of an inclusive social platform.
mixing well with Adriaan:
Adriaan is innovative, creative, and works with ideas (blue), while also having a caring and supportive nature. He possesses mostly introverted traits, but sometimes exhibits a positive, outgoing behavior. Adriaan brings forth innovative and fascinating products with his engineering background and international experiences. He has a passion for building communities and connecting people based on their interests. Additionally, he has experience in programming and a deep understanding of the business perspective behind a product. Currently, he presents in public with a natural flair and leadership, but may benefit from improving his storytelling abilities.

mixing well with Dennis:
Dennis values stability, organization, and structure, while also being analytical and conscientious. He leans more towards introversion but places importance on social interactions. Dennis is detail-driven and takes a considerate approach to decision-making. He excels in maintaining stability and bringing structure to the team. He has experience in motivating others, organizing engagements, and has a strong commitment to local associations.

By incorporating these diverse skills and personalities into our team, we can foster a dynamic and innovative work environment that benefits our users worldwide.

You will be joining a team of passionate founders, Adriaan and Dennis, who have already laid the groundwork for UNBLND. Adriaan brings forth innovative ideas and a deep understanding of product development, while Dennis excels in maintaining stability and organization. Together, they have created a social network that prioritizes inclusivity and genuine connections.

As the co-founder, you will work alongside Adriaan and Dennis to shape the vision and direction of UNBLND. You will share responsibility for developing and implementing strategies to attract and retain users, build partnerships, grow our financial sustainability, and create a thriving work environment. Your input and diverse experiences will be highly valued as we aim to challenge assumptions and make our platform more inclusive for all.

You will be happy, because we offer:
  • great (co-)working experience (currently Brussels); working remotely is also an option
  • an open and nice working atmosphere with international minded colleagues, striving altogether to achieve ambitious social and business objectives
  • permanent support from the internal team
  • flexibility
  • lots of good karma and maybe, someday, a trip into space 🪐

Some unique advantages
  • opportunity to be a part of a unique and innovative social network
  • work with a talented and diverse team of individuals who are passionate about creating a better societal environment with a real-life impact
  • equity in the company based on set targets (equity can be provided during the next funding round)
  • competitive salary package once additional funding has been raised
  • equity and salary plan in line with best practices, open for discussion
  • being part of a successful portfolio company of seed-investor imec.istart
  • flexibility to work remotely, with an emphasis on work-life balance and mutual support among co-founders
  • opportunity for personal and professional growth
🤝 Together, we will …
  • be great
  • create happiness worldwide
If you are commercially-driven, target-minded, independent, verbally strong, and motivational, with a passion for building communities and connecting people, we would love to hear from you. Join us in creating a more inclusive and anonymous social platform where everyone can express themselves and connect with others in their own way.
You are convinced! We knew it 😎
PS: Don't worry if you don't perfectly fit every criterion mentioned above, as no candidate ever does, and we embrace the uniqueness and diverse perspectives that individuals bring to our team.