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5 best apps to find travel buddies instantly

apps 3 min read , February 28, 2021

There are moments that we want to share with other like-minded people. It's a great opportunity to meet other travellers and locals in a new country, get out of the box and experience something authentically. This is where great apps and groups come in. Let me introduce you to the best apps to find travel buddies where you can meet people during or even before your travel!

Best apps to find travel buddies

  1. Couchsurfing
  3. Travello
  4. Worldpackers
  5. Travel Buddy
5 best apps to find travel buddies
travel buddies - Photo by Felix Rostig

Here are the 5 best apps to find travel buddies:

1. Couchsurfing 

Apps to find travel friends - Couchsurfing
App to Find Travel Buddies - CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing is a worldwide known travel network app for facilitating connections between travellers and local communities. Exploring a foreign city with experienced CouchSurfers is the perfect way to enjoy a trip, isn't it? The CouchSurfing app is free of charge. However, you can increase your chances of finding a host by upgrading your account to premium. You can download it on the Play Store and Apple Store for finding your future travel friend.


Social Network to find travel friends - UNBLND
App to find travel buddies - UNBLND

UNBLND is a recently launched social network app that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends. This app instantly puts you in touch with like-minded people by getting you into relevant groups, such as travelling. Sounds fun, right? It had never been easier to find a travel friend. The recent update gives the possibility to create breakouts which means you can create a new group based on your interests inside the existing group. You can download it from Apple Store or Google Play. Are you wondering how you can join the travel group on UNBLND?

You can simply scan the QR code below. If you already have an account, you will be redirected to this adventurous group right away.

Find Travel Buddies - UNBLND
You can just point the camera of most mobile devices!
Or use unblnd.com/nvt/grp/31WqDG4

You can also use free video chat to communicate with group members. That is possible with meet@unblnd. You can download it on your phone or create a meeting directly from your computer and start chatting with your new travel friends.

3. Travello

App to find travel buddies - Travello
App for travel buddies - Travello

Travello is a free app that describes itself as "a social network for travellers". Its main purpose is to help you meet other travellers with similar interests close to you, whether you are currently travelling or not. This app also offers you special interest groups such as solo travellers, female travellers, photographers that you can join to communicate with their members. In addition, you can access location-based travel discounts, local get-togethers and free WiFi spots by clicking the “explore” tab within the app. You can download Travello on Apple Store.

4. Worldpackers

apps to find travel buddies - WorldPackers
App to find travel buddies - WorldPackers

WorldPackers is a travel app that allows you to plan your dream vacation, meet other travellers, develop your skills or even learn a new language. You can use your experience and education to help out hosts in more than 100 countries around the World. Wondering how it works? When you sign up, all you have to do is to choose a destination and specify which tasks you would do well. You can perform a variety of tasks such as teaching a language, cleaning or even preparing cocktails, etc.

Then, this social network will connect you to the hostels that match your profile the most. If you decide to stay, a small fee will be paid to the platform's service at the end. WorldPackers global community is also a great source of tips and recommendations for your next journey. To join this community you can download Worldpackers from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

5. Travel Buddy

Apps to find travel buddies  - Travel Buddy
App to find travel buddies - Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy is another great travel app where you can meet local travellers from your desired destination, chat with them to learn about places and plan unique trips. To find your buddy, you only need to enter your destination, choose a preferred gender for your travel buddy and finally add your travel dates. Travel Buddy is also a great alternative to ask locals questions about your planned destination. You can download Travel Buddy on Play Store and Apple Store for free to find your local travel friend.

Bonus before you start traveling

Travelling causes some administrative hassle. For your specific destination you might need extra necessities. Before traveling you can also start making international friend by using our first choice: UNBLND.


There are a number of fantastic apps that can help you find travel buddies, and there is definitely one that suits you!

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” - Oscar Wilde!

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