5 great hobbies for couples that will strengthen your bond

hobbies 2 min read , January 12, 2021

They say that relationships need constant work. While I believe that this depends solely on the particular couple and there is no rule, having an activity you two are sharing is a good idea for creating an even stronger bond. Here are some hobbies for couples you can take into consideration.

1. Start a band

A small one of course. Just you and your beloved one, playing guitars? Singing together? Whatever music it will be, maybe composing new things or covering your favourite hits, it’s about spending nice time together and discovering the things you both like.

hobbies for couples
Hobbies for couples - Photo by Jon Tyson

2. Read books

Choose a book which both of you will enjoy and give yourselves time to finish it (this part is entirely up to you). Later on discuss it together, share your thoughts, maybe you can find an adaptation of it and watch it together.

3. Take trips

Even if you cannot plan a huge trip to the exotic country, you can google some nice, undiscovered places near your city and find one or two monuments to admire. Take some photos, eat at a local place and make memories.

4. Try drawing

Do you want more creative hobbies for couples? You don’t have to create masterpieces together. Just take up some paper and pencils and go to the park to sketch people around you or nature. You can also draw each other. Remember not to put pressure on the drawings to be an amazing work of art, this is supposed to be fun. Unless of course, you want to take things seriously and really learn how to draw or paint together. In that case either find a good class you can attend or maybe youtube tutorials. Give each other honest feedback and grow together.

5. Boardgames

They are fun for the two of you and you also have an option to organise an evening for your friends. Hosting a party like that teaches you how to plan things together, and it is also a nice hobby for couples. You can also find many platforms such as UNBLND where you will be assigned to a variety of interest groups as soon as you put in your hobbies - you don’t even have to look for them. The app will suggest you the different groups such as food, photography, games! There you can create your own event and join as a couple. You can download it from Apple Store or Google Play.

Social Network - UNBLND
UNBLND - Social Network

We encourage you to try as many new and fun things as possible. You are welcome to share your impressions and experiences from the time you spent together. What are in your opinion the best hobbies for couples? Maybe you also have some tips for the other couples out there? ;)

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