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Best social network apps with interest-based communities

apps 4 min read , August 6, 2023

When we talk about social networks, Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn tend to come into our minds very often. However, other social networks can be more interesting for people who may be seeking specific content. Here are some of the best interest-based social network apps with interest-based communities:

Interest based Social Network - UNBLND
Interest-Based Social Network Apps - Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Interest-based Social Network apps for travellers

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a network known worldwide for facilitating connections between travellers and local communities. Exploring a foreign city with experienced Couchsurfers is the best way to enjoy a trip, isn't it? The Couchsurfing app is free. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of finding a host by upgrading your account to premium. You can download it on the Play Store and Apple Store.

interest based social network travel apps with community couchsurfing
Travel social network apps with the interest-based community - Couchsurfing

2. Worldpackers

Worldpackers is the perfect app to make your holiday and accommodation inexpensive. Worldpackers connects travellers and hotels to exchange the work of the former with the accommodation of the latter. Are you wondering how it works? When you register, all you have to do is to choose a destination and indicate which tasks you would perform well. You can perform various tasks such as cleaning, teaching a language, or preparing cocktails, etc. Then, this social network will link you to the hostels that match your profile. In the end, if you agree to stay, a small fee will be paid to the platform's service. Download Worldpackers from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

interest based travel apps worldpackers
Travel social network app with the interest-based community - Worldpackers

3. Travel Buddy

You can meet local travellers from your desired destination, chat with them to get to know places and plan unique trips. To find your buddy, you only need to enter your destination, choose a preferred gender for your travel buddy and finally add your travel dates. Travel Buddy is also a great alternative to ask locals questions about your planned destination. You can download Travel Buddy on Play Store and Apple Store for free.

interest based travel apps travel buddy
Travel social network app with the interest-based community - Travel Buddy

Interest-based Social Network apps for food lovers

1. Yelp

Yelp is one of the most widely-known apps with a large community for finding restaurants. With the help of Yelp, you can easily find all the newest, hottest, and top-rated restaurants nearby. You also can read restaurant reviews and tips from other Yelp users that will help you decide on your dining destination. Besides, it is also possible to make a quick reservation, book a table, order pickup, or food delivery. You can download Yelp from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Food apps - Yelp
Food social network app with the interest-based community - Yelp

2. Yummi

Yummi is the best app to track all your restaurants and meals, wherever you go. You can upload everyday food photos and document all your restaurant visits and dishes that you ordered into your well-organized food diary. Thus you can easily track places you’ve been and what you liked. Besides, you can also follow your friends' food album and get your daily food inspiration. You can download Yummi on Play Store and Apple Store.

community based food app - yummi
Food social network app with the interest-based community - Yummi

Interest-Based Social Network apps for learning languages

1. Busuu

Busuu offers full courses in 12 languages. The lessons are organised according to topical themes. The app offers you an individual learning path where you can learn just simple words or follow audio lessons with real dialogues. To set your personalised study plan with Busuu you need to answer standard questions of how often you’d like to study and for how long. Besides, each course comes with a mini “travel course” for those who want to learn the basics before a trip abroad! It also provides offline access, grammar tips, and official certificates with its premium upgrade. You can download Busuu on Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Social Network Apps to learn languages  Busuu
Interest-based app to learn languages - Busuu

2. HelloTalk

Hellotalk has a worldwide community where native speakers teach you their language, while you teach them yours. After installation, you'll indicate your language level and the app will find you a stranger (in the good sense) for you to talk to. The great thing is that it includes tools like translation, correction, and speaking to give you a full-featured chat experience. You can download HelloTalk on Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Apps to learn languages - HelloTalk
Interest-based social network app to learn languages - HelloTalk

3. Memrise

Memrise is another great app for learning new languages. It has an algorithm for a customized learning experience and it makes use of proven memory techniques to teach you new vocabularies. You can keep track of the words you've mastered, for those who like a record of success. Another important feature is the integration of video clips of native speakers filmed in their hometowns. With those videos of native speakers, it gives users a sense of how the new language sounds like. We can say that Memrise is your go to place for fun vocabulary practice. You can download Memrise on Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Interest based Social Network Apps to learn languages - MEMRISE
Interest-based social network app to learn languages - Memrise

Bonus tip!

Are you looking for a more specific interest-based community?

Then check the magic app called UNBLND.


UNBLND is a social network that connects strangers and turns them into a group of friends. Based on your interests and hobbies, the app gets you in touch with like-minded people. That means you can easily find your travel buddy, fashion buddy, tech buddy etc. You get to know them, unblind their profiles and make plans together! After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Let’s just do it! You can download UNBLND on Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Social Network App UNBLND
Social network app - UNBLND

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