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Top 5 Best Student Cities in Germany

student cities 6 min read , August 6, 2023

Finally, it seems that the Corona pandemic comes to an end. With the help of vaccines, we can soon travel around and study in other countries. If you want to go for Erasmus or bachelor/master program after corona, how about Germany? According to Wissenschaft weltoffen, almost 350,000 international students come to Germany every year. Germany has many advantages for students: Free tuition fees, Reasonable living expenses (compared to other European countries), and Promising career opportunities after study.

Best student cities in Germany
Best Student Cities - Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

Germany is known for being the land of ideas, has a variety of study fields and programs. Moreover, as all we know, Germany is famous for its beer, the best brands of cars in the world and football. How about drinking delightful German beer with new like-minded people?

Meet new people and make new friends in Germany
Best Student Cities-Photographer: Fred Moon | Source: Unsplash

Let´s find out which cities are popular in Germany for students!

Best 5 Student Cities in Germany

1) Berlin

2) Hamburg

3) Frankfurt

4) Heidelberg

5) Bremen

1. Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Berlin has a very deep history and is the symbol of German unification. After World War 2, the city itself was divided into Western Germany and Eastern Germany. At the end of the Cold War in 1989, the huge Berlin Wall dividing the city into two sides fell down, and there was no more Western and Eastern Germany. Germany was born again as one country.

Historical city since World War 2 Berlin
Best Student Cities- Berlin East Side Gallery - Photographer: Mar Cerdeira | Source: Unsplash

Berlin is the most multicultural city in Germany. The city is lively, and also full of various sightseeing places: Museums, galleries, Historical Sites, Parks. These touristic sites are mostly free for students. There are also a lot of different bars and restaurants which spice up the student life. Imagine drinking German beer in a local Berlin bar! Isn’t it exciting?

Best student city Berlin with historical places
Best Student Cities- Berlin-Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) Source: Unsplash

Berlin is also known for the big techno scene: Over 100 techno clubs are located in Berlin. The most remarkable one, Berghain is a must-visit club in Berlin. Sisyphos, Griessmühle, and Tresor are also popular which lead the notorious Berlin techno scene.

Best Student Cities - Berghain - Photographer: Simon Tartarotti | Source: Unsplash

The most important tips for students: What about universities in Berlin? There are the three most internationally well-known universities in Berlin: Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, and Technical University of Berlin. Free University of Berlin offers top-notch Philosophy and Humanity studies. Do you want to study Natural Sciences and Medical studies? Then Humboldt University is your choice. Engineering? Technical University of Berlin is waiting for you with a variety of Engineering studies.

Famous University in Berlin Humboldt University
Best Student Cities - Humboldt University of Berlin - Source: US News

2. Hamburg

Hamburg is a historical harbor city in northern Germany. Hamburg is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Germany and the second-largest city in this country. Hamburg is also a famous touristic city in Germany. It has two major UNESCO World Heritage sites: Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel.

Best Student Cities -Hamburg - Photographer: Moritz Kindler | Source: Unsplash

St. Pauli's Reeperbahn is the most famous tourist spot. Many theaters, bars, and restaurants are located here. Plus, Sternschanze, located next to Reeperbahn, is a district where you can find various cafes and cuisines. These are the best districts that you can meet new people! Who knows? You might get along with local Hamburg people!

St.Pauli for the best place to meet new people in Hamburg
Best Student Cities - St.Pauli - Source: Ndr

Followed by its city fame, University of Hamburg is an A-class university, ranked in the top 200 universities in the world by The Times. The faculty of Law and Political Science are the most famous faculty in this university.

University of Hamburg in best student city in Germany
Best Student Cities - University of Hamburg - Source: University of Hamburg

3. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located in the middle of Germany, in the province called “Hessen”. Frankfurt is a finance and commerce hub in Germany. The headquarters of European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank are located in this beautiful city. Also, Frankfurt is the European headquarters for many global companies such as Procter & Gamble and Lufthansa.

Frankfurt the best student city in Germany
Frankfurt - Photographer: Sinan Erg | Source: Unsplash

In the middle of Frankfurt, “Main” river is peacefully flowing and contributes to the wonderful scenery of the city. Goethe House is also a must-see in Frankfurt. It is the birthplace of the famous German poet “Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”. It gives you a genuine feeling of how this world-famous poet grew up.

Goethe House in Frankfurt German Best student city
Best Student Cities - Goethe House - Source: Museumsufer

Named after Goethe, Goethe University Frankfurt is a high-ranked university where 20 Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with. The university is famous for Economics and physics. If you want to be a future Nobel Prize winner, why don´t you join the study program at Goethe University?

Goethe University Frankfurt - Source: ifk-cfs

4. Heidelberg

Let´s look at a smaller city which is a paradise for students. Heidelberg is a small city, with a number of 160,000 inhabitants, but 40 percent of inhabitants are students. In the middle of the city, the charming “Neckar” river is flowing.

Heidelberg the best student city in Germany
Best Student Cities - Heidelberg- Photographer: Mateo Krössler | Source: Unsplash

Moreover, Heidelberg Palace makes the view of Heidelberg authentic southern Germany and reminds of medieval times.

Heidelberg Palace in the best German student city
Best Student Cities - Heidelberg Palace - Source: Gettyimages

But, the highlight of the city is Heidelberg University which was founded in 1386. It has been two times announced as 2nd best university in Germany and has more than 10 different faculties which cover a variety of academic interests. Moreover, most of the faculties in this university have a global reputation. The buildings of Heidelberg university have a long history and offer a medieval time atmosphere.

Best University in the best German student city
Best Student Cities - Heidelberg University - Source: University of Heidelberg

5. Bremen

Last but not least, Bremen is a cultural and historical city in Northern Germany. Bremen is full of historical galleries and museums. Have you heard the story of “Town Musicians of Bremen” in your childhood? Bremen is the background of this famous fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers. In the middle of the city, you can take a pose with this famous statue! Be aware that there is a long line full of tourists who want to take a photo with these talented musicians.

Town Musicians of Bremen in the best German student city
Best Student Cities - Town Musicians of Bremen - Source: Bremen

Bremen is also the hometown of hipsters. The ratio of students in the city population is high, and a lot of students belong to the hipster group. Especially, you can see a lot of hipsters in the area called “Viertel”. Viertel is actually known for its bustling vibe, pubs, and cafes. If you want to meet new people and make new friends, you need to head to Viertel. You can meet a bunch of local people and hipsters. Who knows? You will find real like-minded friends in this new city!

http://Viertel the best student city Bremen
Best Student Cities - Viertel - Source: Jonas Ginter / BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale

Now let´s take a look at where you are going to study. University of Bremen has a high rate of international students from 115 countries. Marine Biology, Social Sciences, and Media studies are the most popular faculties in this university.

http://University of Bremen, the best German student city Bremen
Best Student Cities - University of Bremen - Source: Universität Bremen

If you want to know the best student cities in whole Europe, check out our last article. You can found more information about student cities.

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These are the top 5 best student cities in Germany. What do you think? Do these fabulous cities motivate you to study in Germany? If you say so, do you wanna explore these cities with like-minded friends?

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