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7 cool apps you should have on your phone in 2021

apps 4 min read , August 20, 2021

Smartphones have already become an inevitable part of our life, and that is something we cannot deny. It is difficult to imagine our lives without popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps. But what about less well-known apps that provide real value? There are several wonderful options out there. UNBLND will assist you to find those cool apps you should have on your phone in 2021.

Cool apps you should have on your phone -Photographer: Anton Maksimov juvnsky | Source: Unsplash

Here are the top 7 awesome apps to download no time:

  2. Groupon
  3. YELP
  4. IFTTT
  5. Forest
  6. Grammerly
  7. Mint


Cool apps you should have on your phone - UNBLND Social Network
Cool apps to download - UNBLND

UNBLND is a global social network that brings strangers together and converts them into friends. Here, you can find people who share your interests and hobbies and connect with them. You get to know real people, uncover their profiles, and make a plan with them! Do you want to know what separates this application apart from others? To begin with, there is no visible profile photo. You are completely anonymous. Friendships are sought out based on common interests and preferences. Fancy images, likes, and popularity are meaningless on the UNBLND app. Only your genuine self is important. Second, you are unable to do your own searches for people or groups. The smart algorithm will recommend interest groups to you automatically. UNBLND takes an approach that is as personalized and thoughtful as possible. You can download it on Apple Store and Google PlayHappy UNBLNDING!

2. Groupon

cool apps to get - Groupon
Cool apps to download - Groupon

One thing we all have in common is a desire to get the best deals possible. The good news is that you can take advantage of all kinds of discounts with Groupon. Because this app provides you real-time recommendations for great deals near you - Food, events, items, etc. From this app, you can quickly share offers with friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook, or other methods. Furthermore, if you suggest friends purchase particular offers, you will also receive a special discount. You can download this cool app in Apple Store or Google Play.

3. Yelp

cool app you should have on your phone - Yelp
Cool apps to download - Yelp

Yelp is one of the most well-known and cool apps that should be on your phone for discovering restaurants, with a huge user base. With the help of Yelp, you can quickly find all the newest, trendiest, and top-rated restaurants in your area. You can also read restaurant reviews and recommendations from other Yelp users that will help you decide on your dining destination. Additionally, you also may make a quick reservation, book a table, order pickup, or food delivery. But, their offerings are not limited to restaurants. Yelp is also useful while traveling, as there are so many options for hotels, attractions, restaurants, and little way to know what to choose. You can download Yelp from Play Store and Apple Store for free.


awesome app to get - IFTTT
Cool apps to download - IFTTT

IFTTT is a smart program that boosts users' productivity in a variety of ways. It stands for If This Then That and it looks to eliminate monotonous routine. For instance, if you post a picture on Instagram, it automatically shares the post on Twitter, or it will automatically back up your new iOS photos to Google Drive, Sync your new Instagrams to a Pinterest board, etc. This way, you do not need to spend as much time repeating a boring routine. You can download IFTTT from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

5. Forest

Best App you should have on your phone
Cool apps to download - Forest

Forest is another productivity app that will help you to stay focused. Set a timer for how long you want to concentrate, and Forest will lock your phone screen while a virtual tree grows on your screen. You may use your smartphone again after the tree has fully grown, and you'll earn coins that you can save and use to help plant real trees in Africa, thanks to a collaboration with the nonprofit organization called Trees for the Future. You can download this app from Play Store and Apple Store for free. Stay focused and motivated with Forest!

6. Grammarly

Cool apps to get - Grammarly
Cool apps to download - Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the well-known and widely used software tools for grammar, spell, and plagiarism checking. It has also a mobile version that will correct your spelling and grammatical mistakes as you type. This keyboard may be used for different purposes, including sending emails, creating social media postings, and editing documents. It also has a variety of aesthetic modifications, such as the ability to choose between light and dark themes and keyboard height, as well as editing features like auto-correction and capitalization settings. If you also want this cool app to have on your phone download it from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

7. Mint

cool apps you should have on your phone - Mint
Cool apps to download - Mint

Mint is an awesome budgeting application that connects all of your financial accounts in one digital space, giving you a detailed overview of your financial health. It's like having an accountant on your phone with this app. Users may also keep track of their spending and savings, as well as establish and track budget objectives. It works by connecting your accounts; all you have to do is enter your bank account information and the app will do the rest. You can download Mint from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

7 Cool apps for the cellphone
Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

Hope you enjoyed reading our article. If you have an addition to our list of cool apps to have on your phone, send us an email.

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