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Top 20 things to do alone in London for free when taking a moment for yourself

places to visit 4 min read , August 4, 2023

Tips by an actual Londoner…
London is said to be quite expensive compared to other European cities. While it certainly might be true, still, you might not have to rob the bank to experience what it has to offer. If you choose to put some (or even all) of the activities on our list into your itinerary, you might just be able to visit it on a budget. So, here’s our list of things to do in London for free:

Things to do in London for free while outdoors

Hyde Park

Sounds familiar, right? One, or perhaps the most famous of all the parks the United Kingdom's capital can offer. It’s quite old by the way, as its establishment dates back to Henry VIII, in the 16th century.

Buckingham Palace

Another must-see attraction in London. A national emblem for the British people and has served as the residence of the British monarch. Try not to miss the changing of the royal guards, neither the St James’s Park, as it’s nearby.

Leadenhall Market

Fan of the Harry Potter series? Great, we’ve got you! Leadenhall Market was one of the many filming locations for the films. Even if you aren’t really into it, you can still experience some unique shopping and dining opportunities.


Fancy some Asian experience while in London? This city offers that as well. Chinatown has many restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and souvenir shops you might not be able to find back home.

Trafalgar Square

The British naval had a well-known victory over France and Spain during the Napoleonic Wars on 21 October 1805. Hence the square’s name. While there, don’t miss out on taking some Instagram worthy photos of Nelson’s column and the lion statues.

A walk along the Thames (southern bank)

This river is maybe as famous as London itself, not only because Vikings sailed it from the 9th century onwards, but also because many famous attractions including Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey are situated here.

things to do in London
Top 20 things to do in London for free - Photo by Benjamin Davies

Things to do in London for free while indoors

Sky Garden on Fenchurch Street

Located on the top of an office building, it is London’s highest public garden. Even though it is advertised as a garden (which it truly is), you won’t have to worry about the weather if you would like to visit one of the restaurants or bars up there: they are closed off with a stunning glass roof.

The Garden at 120

Another rooftop garden with a stunning 360-degree view of the city of London. You don’t even have to book your place in advance, just show up!

Things to do in London
Top 20 things to do in London for free - Photo by Tom Fischer


Naturally, museums will also be on our list of 20 things to do in London for free.

Imperial War Museum

This exhibition depicts the war efforts from the UK’s perspective since 1914. First and Second World War, as well as a Holocaust-themed exhibition, along with seasonal ones too.

British Museum

Being the first public national museum in the world, it displays the culture of humankind from the beginnings to the present, with ownerships of notable objects, such as the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone. Fun fact: It has a collection of 140 Egyptian mummies and coffins, which is considered to be the largest outside Cairo.

Tate Modern & National Gallery

If you like world-class fine art, then London’s got you covered. National, international? Classical or contemporary? You’ll find all kinds of beauty in these galleries.

Natural History Museum

This place has an actual earthquake simulator, and a dinosaur exhibition as well. Sounds cool, right? It does. Younger people could also spend a great time here, as this museum has themes and activities suitable for children too.

Science Museum

Its name speaks for itself: a museum for science. Everyday technology, medicine, chemistry, mathematics, space, computing, astronomy, and so on. It is worth a visit.

Things to do in london for free
Top 20 things to do in London for free - Photo by Viktor Forgacs

Attractions in Greater London

Hamstead Heath

A large, ancient London heath covering 320 hectares. You can explore it on foot, take a dip in one of the ponds, or get cosy in a traditional English pub.

Parliament Hill Viewpoint

The highest point of view in London, at 98 metres high. Great view of the London city skyline, especially if you’re in the mood of spicing up your social media profile with a great cover photo.

Kenwood House

Kenwood House is one of London’s hidden gems. Stunning interiors, world-class art collection, and packed with children’s activities as well.

Kenwood House - Visit in London - Source: Wikimedia

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Great place for outdoor activities, if you are into sports, art, or culture. Of course, you are, you’re visiting London, right?

Park at Alexandra Palace

Home of many types of plants, animals and fungi. Even 26 types of Arachnids, if you’re into that. If not, then how about visiting a Farmer’s Market or the Garden Centre?

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

Winter Lights is an annual attraction in London, with illuminated instalments in one of the city’s districts, called Canary Wharf. They are beautiful, and will surely offer a great experience. Just make sure to dress up warmly.

Looking for something else?

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