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Things to do with your best friend

hobbies 3 min read , March 30, 2021

When you are with your best friend you probably already have some established rituals. You know each other very well and you know what makes your friendship strong and important for you. But just like in relationships, friends can experience routine and the struggle of what to do together. Here I come with some solutions on what to do when you run out of ideas for things to do with your best friend.

Drink a coffee with your best friend
Things to do with your best friend

1. Workout

One of the things you can do with your best friend is exercising together. Regardless whether you want to do yoga or go jogging together, motivating each other to get some movement is always helpful and healthy! Any type of sport would be a nice way to seize time with your buddy.

Workout and become sports friends with your best friend
Things to do with your best friend

2. Series marathon

Who doesn’t just adore series or movie marathons? Well why not make it even better and do it with your best buddy. Reserve a whole night and thoroughly search Netflix. Once you find something with good reviews or something you both wanted to watch for a long time, prepare popcorn, wear your sweatpants and let your binge-watching night begin. The fun can be even better if you play the judges on the characters and comment on everything which is happening on the screen. In case you are out of ideas, stay tuned in future blogs we will bring you some ideas on what series you can watch!

Do a series marathon with your friends (binge-watching)
Things to do with your best friend

3. Make food for each other

As much as you adore your BFF, imagine combining food along with spending time with them! That is just an awesome mix of good things in life. Say you meet at your place and you both cook something for the other person. Then you put everything on the table and share a meal. Add a bottle of wine and some good gossip, and you have a perfect evening with your best friend. You can even spice it up and learn to cook a new meal - together!

Things to do with your best friend: make food for each other
Things to do with your best friend

4. Put on some music and dance

Lately some our usual outdoor activities had been put on hold and unfortunately the things we like to do the most like, partying or drinking a beer in good old bar, are off the table. However, there are still some other options to cheer you and your bff up. For example, how about pretending you are on a party in your fav club? All you need to do is just put on some of those dancing queen songs and let all your worries go! Good thing about this activity, is that you can’t be disappointed in the DJ.

Things to do with your best friend: dancing!
Things to do with your best friend

5. Photo shooting

Grab your cameras or your phones and take some pictures of each other. You can make it into a session with different outfits, accessories or in cool places. Or simply take portraits of each other, these always come in handy when you need a new one for example for your resume. Another option is to make a lot of silly faces and just have a good laugh afterwards ;)

Things to do with your best friend: photoshoot
Things to do with your best friend

If this activity is something you enjoy then you need to join our “Photography” group with your friend on UNBLND. You can join us just by clicking this link: unblnd.com/Photography.

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Social Network that connects like minded people
UNBLND - Community-based social-network

These are of course just a few examples of the ways to spend time with your friends. If you have your own habits you’d like to share, please leave comments and let’s share our ideas on things to do with your best friend! We have to continue to enjoy our lives especially with the ones we love the most.

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