10 tips to get your creativity back

tips 3 min read , September 18, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic going on, our homes have become more than a place where we sleep and eat. It has become a place where we work, where we have fun, where we socialize and sometimes cannot tell whether we are relaxing or struggling to just make it through the day. Therefore, we decided to prepare a list of 10 creative things to do at home

We have seen many different approaches when it comes to dealing with the long hours spent at home, ranging from “Be as much productive as you can” and “Do not even bother”. I would say I believe in something in between. It is indeed a unique time that most of the people are having the opportunity to stay home, and in some ways, I see that as a gift. A gift in the sense that we can start paying attention at things that we normally do not pay attention to. There is also a certain openness to be creative and reinvent our routines. But even so, we should not feel pressured to write the books of our lives. If you are tired, it is understandable. If you are feeling exhausted, it is very understandable. And I know the latter is the case for many people, and that when that happens our creativity and life skills runaway from us. For this reason, we thought it would be nice to talk about ways to be creative at home.

What is creativity?

If you are a little lost in the sentence “ways to be creative” or even the word creativity itself, let’s begin with a definition.

Ready to continue? Are you looking for creative things to do at home? All this will be in a creative but very smooth way, I promise. So here you go, come with me and follow the next tips.

Here are 10 creative things to do at home:

1. Prepare a home cafe time

You can prepare a home cafe time for yourself and your loved ones.

2. Spoil yourself

Spoil yourself with those things that you never dare to buy. Buy online or from your neighbour shops and enjoy the unboxing.

3. Listen to comfort music

You can listen to comfort music and let it play throughout the day to get you in a good and flowing mood. Here’s a suggestion:

Creative things to do at home

4. Make friends online

If you feel comfortable, share a dinner over a video call. You can start by creating an account on UNBLND, where you will find like-minded people to share good moments with. Now, you can also meet your unblnd buddies online using free video chat. You can find UNBLND on Apple Store and Google Play.

5. Get some fresh air

Go for a walk, look at the details that surround you. You would be amazed to see how much is going on.

6. Talk to plants and don’t say I am crazy.

In fact, talking to plants could help you to calm our nerves. How about growing a little plant that you will see blooming by the end of the pandemic?

7. Make delicious food even if you are eating alone

Take a look at this easy and delicious Cacio & Pepe pasta, yummy.

creative things to do at home
10 creative things to do at home - Art via Society6

8. Stay in your favourite spot

I bet you have that one place in your room, living room, kitchen that you feel at ease.

9. Make a picnic at home

if it is raining or simply enjoy the fact of doing a nice grocery shopping to enjoy with your friends and/or family. This is a very creative thing to do!

10. Put your favourite songs on to shake your skeleton!

Music is a miracle to the soul, heart and bones. Go wild!

10 creative things to do at home - GIF by Edgar Paniagua

Will you let us know if any of those tips helped you to feel more creative?


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