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4 Anime and Manga stores in Brussels worth visiting

comics 4 min read , November 25, 2022

Watching anime or reading manga became a lifestyle by now. Who doesn’t love to sit or lay down under a blanket while watching your favorite anime show? Whether you are always ready for it or not is not even a question. However, is your room ready for it? Have you ever imagined watching an episode of One Piece with the latest bounties of your favorite characters on your walls? Because this ambiance is amazing. Same with watching Jujutsu Kaisen and seeing Gojo obliterating his enemies in the early episodes while having an action figure of him next to your nightstand. That’s why UNBLND prepared a list of the best anime and manga stores in Brussels. Each one has a unique feature that gives a great experience.

Manga stores in Brussels

  1. Ichiban
  2. Feniksu
  3. Smartoys
  4. Super Dragon Toys
Manga stores Brussels

Ichiban Brussels

Ichiban in Brussels

Ichiban Bruxelles is the most popular anime and manga store in Brussels. There you can find anything related to anime and manga. Whether you are looking for clothing, action figures, or trading cards, you will find it all. Above all of this, they also have katanas from your favorite shows, like Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, One Piece, etc. If this list did not amaze you yet, wait until you see the second part of the store. Just a few meters further there is a second store with even more goodies and Japanese food. There are instant noodles, energy drinks, seasoning, as well as Japanese candies! It truly deserves a recommendation on the list of the best anime and manga stores in Brussels. They also have an online store and you can find it here. The place is easily accessible to anyone in Brussels.

Address: Boulevard Anspach 94 1000 Brussels.

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Feniksu in Brussels center

Feniksu in the center of Brussels

Feniksu is an anime and manga store full of figures and trade cards. Although it’s rather small, you will notice it immediately. Don’t mistake being small with not being good (That’s what he said). The store’s theme is around a phoenix. At the entry, you will notice a big figure of Bardock from the Dragon Ball series. When you enter, you get a feeling of going through a portal that brings you into another dimension. Almost like you’re in an “isekai” anime. They also have an online store and you can find a link here. The online store is mainly for Pokémon goodies like trade cards or games. Unfortunately, the online store is only available in French. Feniksu is easily accessible to anyone in Brussels... And next to it, there’s another store which we discuss here after.

Address: Rue des Pierres 16, 1000 Brussels.

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Smartoys in Brussels center

Smartoys in the center of Brussels

So the store next to Feniksu... is Smartoys. And just like Fenksu, it is one of the best anime and manga stores in the capital of Brussels. This one, however, is a little different. They mainly focus on video games and comics in general, not only manga and anime. Yet it is still a great place to get yourself a figure or trade cards. And the best part is you can find there some cool video games about your favorite anime or manga! Here’s the link to Smartoys online store. As you can see there are mostly video games on their online store. You can also find addresses to different Smartoys all around Belgium.

Address: Rue des Pierres 20, 1000 Brussels.

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Super Dragon Toys in Brussels center

Super Dragon Toys at Rue Sainte-Catherine in Brussels

All the previous anime and manga stores in Brussels that we mentioned before, were literally in the most crowded places in Brussels, near to the “Bourse”. This one is only a few minutes walking distance away from the previous stores mentioned above. This one also deserves a place in this list because of the extra goodies they have. Of course, you will find lots of figures and T-shirts about anime. But that’s not the only reason to pick this one. They have a lot of K-pop goodies from which you can choose. You can find T-shirts or albums of your favorite K-pop band!  Here’s their online store. Dive into their fun stuff and K-pop products. You can also pre-order upcoming albums, books, etc.

Address: Rue Sainte-Catherine 6, 1000 Brussels.

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Brussels Manga and Anime community

Wanna get in touch with other Manga and Anime lovers in Brussels or visit the stores together?

Download UNBLND and join the Anime Buddies group. You will find people who love anime and manga just like you. To join click this link or scan the QR code below. Happy UNBLINDING and happy shopping!

Reading manga and watching anime together
Reading manga or watching anime together

So, the best Anime and Manga stores in Brussels?

Are you wondering which one of them is the best? Hard to say! It depends on what you’re looking for. Is it buying some figures or trading cards? Or do you not know what anime-related goodies you would like to have? If that’s the case, go to Ichiban. This anime and manga store will have something you will like. Are you looking for a Japan-like experience? Then Feniksu will not dissapoint! For games and things related to other types of comics, check out Smartoys! And last but not least, at Super Dragon toys they’ll be happy to serve you and help you out if you are not only looking for anime stuff, but also K-pop. So each one of them has its unique style and perks.

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