How to build a relationship: Understand the different types of relationships

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Most of the misunderstandings and conflicts between people occur because we do not know how to communicate with each other. We don’t listen, we can't get our message across, we accuse, demand instead of asking, and we do many other things in an attempt to reach each other. But there is still no mutual understanding. On this article, we talk about three different types of relationships and give you a few tips on how to build a relationship, whichever you may choose.

How to build relationship
How to build a relationship: understand the different types of relationships - Photo by Julian Myles

Different types of relationships

There are 3 degrees that can define how close people are in a relationship: those are distant, medium, and close. Each type has its own goals, objectives, and principles of construction. Shall we take a look?

Distant relationships

They are relationships with unfamiliar people in the context of social roles. Buyer/seller, doctor/patient, teacher/student, etc. The essence of these relationships is that you briefly interact with people to achieve a common goal. The degree of your self-disclosure and manifestation of individuality is minimal. You only express emotions in extreme cases.

Medium relationships

Are mostly present among friends, employees, classmates, adult/children, and parents. The essence of these relationships is basically the social environment that they share. Support, mutual assistance and social training are part of average relationships and they can help you build a good relationship at work, for instance. In this kind of relationship, you freely express all your positive emotions. However, at work and business environment you are allowed to express your negative feelings.

Close relationships

Spouses, children/parents, cohabitation relationships, love relationships. The goal in these relationships is to have a maximum impact on you. It is about your intimate environment. You must be able to express your thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be. Otherwise, they are no longer close. These relationships can bring you maximum benefit and pleasure. Your well-being depends on their quality. Do not miss out on expressing your feelings and views with your close ones.

But remember, there are no conflict-free relationships. If you have no conflicts with your partner, then you are not in a full-fledged deep relationship, but in some other process. Conflict does not always mean a quarrel, no matter how obvious it may seem. Furthermore, there is no recipe on how to build a relationship. But we should always remind ourselves that communication is key and that the basis of a healthy relationship is effective communication and understanding.

How to build a relationship?

Take a look at these two videos that we selected for you about effective communication and healthy relationships. They will most likely help you break the barriers to meaningful relationships.

How to build a relationship: understand the different types of relationships - Building Connections: How to Be A Relationship Ninja | Rosan Auyeung-Chen | TEDxSFU
How to build a relationship: understand the different types of relationships - The Surprising Key to Building a Healthy Relationship that Lasts | Maya Diamond | TEDxOakland

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