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How we aim to be the universe’s most inclusive community to discover and make you feel good in any environment.

1 min read , April 5, 2022

Ubigreat bv is the owner and developer of UNBLND, a social network -available via web and mobile app- that connects anonymous people into groups, using a matchmaking algorithm based on interests, preferred activities, location and other parameters.

🌍 Mission
to become the inclusive community

The universe’s most inclusive community to discover and make you feel good in any environment. We make the world a happier place by bringing people together in a comfortable way for them. Being weird does not exist. The only thing that is weird is pretending to be normal. Be yourself. Our algorithms make it possible to find easily deeper, valuable, genuine connections.

💥  Vision
on how comfortable meeting should be

To be the earth's most inclusive platform; to build a place where people can choose step by step how to be comfortable in their specific interest communities. We believe friendship is not limited by borders.

❤️  Values
to make sure you feel better in any environment

Our product, UNBLND, a social network helps people who want to discover, feel better by giving them a comfortable feeling where they can decide how to open up to others unlike our competition where nothing is anonymous and where you need to battle to be likeable.

Within UNBLND people can share their feelings anonymously. This approach makes it easier to:

  1. Improve your mental health
  2. Be more at ease to meet people
  3. Reduce your loneliness
  4. Feel good in any environment

Mental health is an important part of our well being. It helps us feel happy, relaxed, and confident. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, there are many things you can do to help yourself feel better. We want to be your guide to more authentic social connections and make you feel good. We aim to give you:

  • 2 cool groups during onboarding
  • 6 cool groups within 1st week: based on my interests, fully automatic, without any effort
  • 1 validated, authentic connection (unblnd) within one month of using the app (friendships are tough, find your weird soulmate, find your special friend)
  • and always decide yourself when to unblind (share private information)

⭕️  Conclusion

We believe that people should be able to choose how they want to interact with others. Unlike our competitors, who force you to battle to get likes, we let you decide how to open yourself up. 
Be yourself.
Fuck fake.

Your guide,

written by
Adriaan De Bolle
Dennis Van der Putten

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