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Beautiful places to travel

tips places to visit 4 min read , April 19, 2021

We all found ourselves shocked by the fact that we are STILL in time of pandemic which has definitely ruined some of our travel plans, agreed? There are bunch of places with travel restrictions and some of them you can’t even enter. This is why we are bringing you some of the best places to travel during Covid! Buckle up we are about to take off to those places where you travel plans can still come true.

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Best places to travel during Covid - UNBLND

By best, we mean the safest

Since we found ourselves in a very, let’s say, interesting era of lifetime feeling safe (by that I mean heathy) has become maybe more important than going to the very best places on earth. This list will bring you some of the safest destinations where you can feel relaxed and enjoy the beauty of our planet.

Best places to travel during covid
Safest places to travel - UNBLND

So let’s begin:

  • Madeira, Portugal
  • Azores, Portugal
  • Tahiti, French Polynesia
  • Asos - Kefalionia Island, Greece
  • Cavtat, Croatia


In general you can find that Portugal is always a good idea mainly cause of its wonderful weather, but now there is a new reason; recently they reopen theirs terraces - biiig corona related progress! Specifically Madeira & Azores have been listed as one of the safest travel destinations during pandemic. Madeira does NOT require a quarantine in case if you have a negative PCR test which means once you arrive on the island you are allow to move freely. Restaurants, shops, hotels and bars are open and there is no curfew - isn’t this enough of a reason to be booking a plane ticket asap?!

Best places to travel - Madeira
Photographer: Thibault Mokuenko | Source: Unsplash


The situation on beautiful islands of Azores is pretty much the same as the one in Madeira since both islands are situated far far from the land which helped them remain in the green zone with low rates of active cases. No quarantine (if you have a negative test of course), restaurants are open, masks are not mandatory on the beach and what more can you ask? Azores is group of 9 islands full of wonders and I recommend you to take your time to visit them all, I guess if you are working/studying remotely it shouldn’t be a problem! Here are many ideas on how to seize the most out of Azores.

Best places to travel - Azores
Photographer: Martin Munk | Source: Unsplash


After two gorgeous islands it’s time for another one but this time we move bit more south in the very center of Pacific Ocean. This really exotic island has been rated as a safe destination with plenty of activates to do outdoor. A negative PCR is required at the entrance (OK we should just accept this as a new travel rule), but the good thing is that once you arrive you are free to go, no quarantine needed. Tahiti brings you outstanding hiking trails, beautiful underwater experience while scuba diving, relaxing spots with breathtaking views...And don’t forget to get in touch with Tahitian culture and trying their rich & tasty gastronomy.

Best places to travel - Tahiti
Photographer: Benedikt Brichta | Source: Unsplash

Assos, Kefalonia

I believe you already got the idea of islands being the best options for traveling in 2021., and that’s why I am adding one more to the list! Specially a beautiful Greek island located in Ionian sea - Kefalonia. In heart of Kefalonia you can find the cutes place to enjoy your vacation, Assos. It is an old fishing village which means you get to taste some fresh fish straight from the sea to your table, isn’t that amazing?

best places to travel - Assos
Photographer: Victor Malyushev | Source: Unsplash


And the last one on our list of safest places to travel is a small town in the south of Croatia. Currently terraces had just open for this part of Croatia, which means you can have a tasty meal or drink delicious coffee just a few meters from one of the world’s most beautiful sea. Cavtat will help you slow down and enjoy the life, even in rough situations like the one we are all experiencing. In case you decide to visit Cavtat you can also drive few more kilometers and visit one of the most famous cities in Croatia - Dubrovnik.

Best places to travel - Cavtat
Photographer: Matthew Waring | Source: Unsplash

Do you want to find out which is your the ideal destination? Check this out:


How can I travel safely in this crisis?

Interrail Global Pass actually guarantees you to travel safely during the Covid crisis. Click the image and find out what they offer you for your safe journey.

Interrail Global Pass

And we come to an end of our list of the safest (best) places to travel during Covid. Hopefully, you are now full of ideas and ready to pack your bags and go enjoy for a while. I guess we have to accept the situation and continue our life, get used to traveling in a bit different way and not let our life passes by. IFY for those of you who are willing to travel but can’t find a buddy to do so, check our app where you can join an interest group and meet cool new people! You can download it from Apple Store or Google Play.

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