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How to be More Authentic: Boost your Happiness

3 min read , April 7, 2022
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Being true to yourself is especially important today more than ever. In a world navigated by screens, image often takes our focus over authenticity. In a social media centered world, we care so much about acceptance and being liked that we forget who we really are. Influencers and accounts we follow can make us feel pressured to be a certain way or to limit our ways of self-expression. However we are all uniquely and beautifully different and should celebrate that. Society molds us since birth to “fit in” and act certain ways which can hold us back from who we are meant to be. Being authentic might mean going against the norm and require bravery, but being true to yourself pays off through genuine relationships and by living a life that is best for you. After all, we only have this one life, so who cares what others think? Here are some ways to stop being something that you’re not and be your most authentic self instead.

Personal Reflection

The first step would be to assess where you are and how close or far you are from your authentic self. In order to be authentic, you must first develop self-awareness, self-reflect, and practice mindfulness. It is important to check your personal inventory and reflect on what is needed or missing. Establishing clear goals, vision and purpose allows you to have a better idea of what habits, values and mentalities you need and which ones to get rid of. Figuring out who you are currently and who you are as your most-authentic self is the best way to begin. It might be helpful to put together a vision board so that you can see where you want to be with clear direction.

Align Actions

Secondly, once you have a clear idea of where you want to be in order to be your most authentic self, it is important that your actions, decisions and habits align with your purpose and identity. It might be difficult, but saying no to what doesn’t serve you and working on creating habits aligned with your vision is crucial. Keep a journal of your habits and actions in order to keep track of your authenticity journey and continuously self-reflect. Although it can be a long process, aligning your actions and developing the characteristics you wish to embody will get you to who you want to be. With time, the habits that don’t serve you or your purpose will fade away and before you know it you’ll feel like you’re just being yourself.

Focus on Building Genuine Connections Based on Interests

In order to live authentically, you need to be around authentic people. Finding the courage to say no when something doesn’t align with your values is important. Since we are all unique, not everyone will agree with you or like you for your authentic decisions but it’s important to not worry about those opinions. The right people will understand and support you in your authenticity journey as they are doing the same. The best way to build a social support system is to find people or groups that are like-minded in interests and values. Don’t know where to start? Join online community groups or get matched into location based interest groups.

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Photographer: Kimson Doan | Source: Unsplash


Consistently living up to your core values is rewarding in many ways. Authenticity leads to confidence, inspiration, and genuine relationships with people who appreciate and support you for who you really are. Although such rare vulnerability requires courage, it pays off in forms of self-trust, a strong support system, and a life that is best for you.

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