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How to Develop Confidence

4 min read , May 6, 2022

Confidence might come naturally to some, but for most of us it’s something that we have to work towards. We all have unique characteristics and abilities that we should celebrate and be proud of. Unfortunately, confidence is often mistaken for arrogance and is shamed but there is nothing wrong with being aware of your individual strengths as long as you’re not putting others down for having different ones. Confident people tend to build others up and not feel threatened by others’ successes which leads to better relationships. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with yourself and love who you are. Here are some simple steps that will allow you to become more sure of yourself and what you bring to the table.

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Try New Things

The process of deciding to try something new and following through with it builds confidence and assurance in yourself. Accomplishing what you set out to do does as well. Challenge yourself to try something new once a month, or set weekly goals that you follow through with. The more you learn and accomplish, the better you’ll feel about your abilities and strengths. By getting out of your comfort zone and facing fears, you’ll build faith in yourself. Examples of goals could be taking yourself to a restaurant and eating alone, signing up for a class you’re interested in, or putting time and energy into a new hobby. The more you experience in life, the more you’ll be comfortable with. Even if you fail, you still had the courage to try and learned from the experience.

Focus on Strengths

Making a list of your strengths and focusing on those will help you gain confidence. Write down what you’re good at and what comes naturally to you. We all have unique talents that will take us far if we focus on them instead of focusing on improving weaknesses. Some strengths might be work related while others might be a personality trait or interest related skills. Write down anything that comes to mind. Maybe there’s one recipe you’ve mastered, or you’re a great listener. Focusing on what you’re doing right instead of fighting the current and focusing on what’s wrong will allow you to improve and grow more easily, with time and energy left over to challenge yourself and try new things. Read your list and take pride in what you do well. Don’t be afraid to share your strengths with others as the right people will celebrate you and complement you where you have weaknesses.

Surround with Support

Building a support system with people who encourage and celebrate you is a crucial confidence maker. If you are around people who are projecting their insecurities onto you, viewing you as competition, or putting you down, you might forget your strengths and how amazing you are as an individual. If you are surrounded by people who are growth oriented and celebrate confidence in others, you’ll feel better about yourself and what you can uniquely bring to the table. Need a support system and not sure where to start? Download UNBLND to meet likeminded people near you.

Work on Wardrobe

Although your outside appearance is not going to build as much assurance of who you are on the inside at your core, it will help you feel better and improve how you and others perceive yourself. Even on a budget, just a few new pieces you love and that look great on you will make a world of a difference. Try to find things that work with pieces already in your closet. Make a style board on Pinterest for inspiration so that you can clearly define your style and what you like. If you aren’t sure if something is flattering on you, ask someone in your support system who will give you genuine advice.

Give and Accept Compliments

Although it might be a difficult thing to do, especially if you don’t feel like the compliment is true, accepting it will internally change the dialogue you have with yourself. No matter how small or big the compliment is, say thank you and receive it. It’s ok to accept and own the compliments you are given, even if you don’t feel worthy of it. The more you practice accepting compliments instead of brushing them off, the more you’ll develop a habit of gracefully acknowledging those who admire you and appreciating them. You’ll start to see the strengths in others and want to return the favor. Helping others grow their self esteem will also help you feel better about yourself. It all starts with a great support system of genuine and honest people. Sincerity goes a long way.

& Remember...

The more you try, the more you’ll know and the more you’ll feel sure about yourself. With the right habits and support system, you’ll be believing in yourself in no time. Having a growth mindset and enjoying the process of learning will allow you to embrace the failures that might find you on your journey of becoming confident. As you grow and become more sure of yourself and your abilities, make sure to show yourself compassion. Confidence means accepting who you are and embracing your strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect but we all have unique talents and qualities we should be proud of.

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