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How to make friends? - Useful tips that will help you to make friends easily

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Friendship is an indispensable component in our lives. Practically, friends are our second family. Therefore, finding a friend and being able to maintain friendly relations - is one of the most meaningful skills one can have. Furthermore, to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend. Friendship will not tolerate conventions and injustices; it should be a two-way flow, from which both sides should get better. Would you like to know better how to make friends or how to become a good friend? You are in the right place. We are also going to give you tips on how to find friends in a new city.

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How to make friends - Photo by Kevin Gent

Here are 10 life-hacks on how to be and become a good friend.

1. Always be yourself

This way you will not fool anyone and will not disappoint when they get to know you better.

2. Think carefully about what you value in people the most

And also with who it is easier for you to communicate with. Keep this in mind when looking for new friends.

3. Don't be negative

Don't judge new people by rumour or first impressions. Get to know the person better, only then draw conclusions.

4. Be open to communicating

Remember that every person you meet has a different story, and it is no simpler and no less interesting than your own. Don't be too superficial in your judgments about others.

5. Learn to listen and hear

When a friend talks about their hardships, offer your listening skills. You don’t always have to come up with advice. Take your time to judge, criticize and advise, just let your loved one speak out. This ability will also help you to find friends.

6. Give what you want in return

Don't expect your friends to do something that you yourself is not ready to give them. Any relationship is built on reciprocity.

7. Support loved ones

Even the smallest praise from you, which will be a trifle for you, can mean the word to your loved one. Did your brother bake a wonderful cake? Don’t be afraid to say how much you love that cake!

8. Don't be a perfectionist

A person is valued for their unique combination of all the good and bad things. Learn to love not only your flaws but also the flaws of your friends. After all, nobody is perfect and flaws are kind of a balance.

9. Learn to let go of people

It so happens that people's relationships last as long as they need something from each other: emotions, impressions, support. And at some point, the relationship may end. You need to learn how to put up with this and be able to let people go when it is time.

10. Say what you think

Do not force loved ones to conjecture something for you. Formulate your thoughts clearly and most importantly, be sincere. If you think your thoughts are too harsh, try to soften them, but don't lie.

If you are looking for friends online, do not forget about the internet etiquettes

When it comes to finding friends on the internet, there is a sea of possibilities. Internet forums, chat rooms, public pages and groups. These platforms are all very useful for finding new acquaintances. They are also a lifesaver for the ones who are shy to go for new challenges or do not know how to make friends offline. For this reason, we would like to talk about some internet etiquettes that can be quite welcome!

1. Tidy up your internet profile

Remove posts and pictures that make you seem worse than you really are.

2. Describe your true qualities

When talking about yourself to future friends, take some time to think about the things you are proud of. Making your dating goals and interests slightly clear on your profile is also a good idea.

3. Be clear

Internet language can be confusing. Keep in mind that if you are using the internet as a tool to meet new people, everybody should be able to know your intentions when reading what you write. Punctuation is a matter of life, isn’t it, Grandma?

How to make friends
Find friends

4. Do not argue over trifles, respect the point of view of the interlocutor

You are not the owner of the truth, are you? There are many different points of views out there and respecting other people’s world views can help you to become not only more critical but a person that others will enjoy to talk to.

5. Be polite

It will take you an extra mile. Anywhere, everywhere.

How to find friends in a new city?

Of course, we would not forget about you, who prefers meeting people offline and is not out there to wait but to play. Making friends should never be a hassle, whether you moved to or live in a small or big city. The possibilities to make friends are everywhere.

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How to make friends - Photo by Sam Manns

How to find friends in a small city?

If you live in a small town, look for a community based on geography. In large social networks, almost every settlement has local groups where you can communicate with fellow countrymen. When you find a community, look at its description, read the posts of other users. So, you will find out how dating happens here. Most often, participants directly publish brief information about themselves with an offer to get acquainted.

How to find friends in a big city?

If you are from a big city, then it makes sense to look for a community of interests, without reference to a locality. This can be a chat for discussing cinematography, a club for fishing or a forum about bodybuilding. Choose what is closer to you. One of these platforms for finding like-minded people is UNBLND, which, using a smart algorithm, will select groups based on your interests and preferences. An amazing tool to find a friend or many friends. You can download UNBLND on Apple Store and Google Play.

How to make friends - UNBLND

We hope you are ready to make new friends and live real experiences from now on <3

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