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Top 10 things to do in Berlin

places to visit 3 min read , September 13, 2020

Ever wanted to visit the capital of Germany? The city, which not that long ago was divided by the West and the East, is home to the historical past and futuristic future. Blending a german and multicultural environment, the capital hosts many world-famous attractions that you should visit at least once in your life. Sound fun? do you wonder what to do in Berlin? Here is our list of top 10 things to do in Berlin, or more like a taste of it, as this city has so much to show you.


European-wise, Berlin is considered to be a relatively affordable city, with hostels, hotels and other types of accommodations available for you whole-year-round. Though you might still want to book your accommodation before your travel if you’re visiting in summer. You can find cheaper places for rent if you search for ‘city Berlin hostel’ in your preferred search engine.

things to do in berlin
Things to do in Berlin - Photo by Reiseuhu

What to do in Berlin

Brandenburg gate

A symbol of the Berlin, and a national symbol for the Germans, as well as for the European unity. Built by Frederick William II, the building marks the start of the road from Berlin to a town called Brandenburg an der Havel.

Berlin Wall Memorial

A central memorial site for the Germans, remembering the times when the country was divided into two separate states: the Federal Republic of Germany on the west, and the German Democratic Republic on the east. A 1.4 km long preserved part of the former wall is situated on the famous Bernauer Strasse.


The Reichstag today hosts the german parliament, but it has much more history. It has ties to the Weimar Republic and was a focal point during the Nazi era, when it burnt down, under circumstances still debated. Be sure the walk up and spend some time in its glass dome!


A large public square and transport hub in the centre the city, it is named after the Russian tzar Alexander I. Being the busiest place in all of the city, it is very close to other attraction in Berlin, such as the Fernsehturm, Nikolai Quarter or the Rotes Haus. Be prepared for a longer Berlin sightseeing if you want to check out the things the city has to offer here.

What do to in Berlin
Things to do in Berlin - Photo by Waldemar Brandt

Other fun things to do in Berlin

Let’s continue our top 10 things to do in Berlin with some exciting activities.

Drive around the city in a Trabant

Trabant or Trabi is a car manufactured in the former socialist era, is a symbol of those days past gone, but some people still might feel nostalgic to such iconic cars. These cars are slowly to be considered living fossils, don’t expect an experience like driving a modern SUV, but a rather unusual, though unforgettable one!

Take a walk at the Holocaust Memorial

A memorial to the murdered Jews during the second world war. Unusual, and not exactly a happy memory for the whole of Europe, but still, it did have a large impact on what this continent has become today.

Have some Currywurst

Might sound something fairly distinct to what you usually eat, but it’s very popular street food in Berlin. Don’t miss out on it.

Go nightclubbing

Dark discos and techno parties are still hugely popular in the city, giving its parties their own ‘Berliner vibe’. If you’re into these things, why not experience it?

Visit a flea market

Another of the unusual things to do in Berlin. You might think flea markets are things of the past, but not here. On the contrary, they are very popular here. You might end up finding something unique you didn’t even know you needed!

Things to do in berlin
Top 10 things to do in Berlin - Photo by Christian Wiediger

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How to make friends in Berlin?

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