10 best things to do in Antwerp

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Some would say Antwerp is the economic driver of Belgium, others would remember Antwerp for the creative minds, fashion, and buzzing atmosphere. Do you want to have a nice walk watching the sunset by the Scheldt river or party hard in one of the many dance clubs? Antwerp has all that to offer. Even a rooftop view from the MAS museum. We will give you a list of 10 best things to do in Antwerp.

10 best things to do in Antwerp
Things to do in Antwerp - City of Antwerp - Photo by Cédric Dhaenens

Exotic Food Market

Start your stroll with a brunch at the Exotic Food Market, where you can find Moroccan, Turkish and local delicacies. Make yourself a plate of olives, biscuits and snacks. If you fancy some potatoes and chicken in an easy-to-eat bowl, you can also go for that. Just do not forget to get a Moroccan tea in one of the Moroccan tents. Enjoy!

things to do in Antwerp
Things to do in Antwerp - Exotic Food Market - Photo by Roger Brosius

Watch a movie at a cosy little cinema

Do you fancy watching a movie that is not available in the big cinemas? Or a glass of wine while watching a long expected movie? If yes, Cinema Cartoon’s is your best option. With a special selection of movies and a cosy ambience, you pay very little for an amazing experience. No popcorn (don’t be sad), but a nice cart of wines.

things to do in Antwerp
Things to do in Antwerp - Cinema Cartoons - Photo by Denise Jans


The statue “A boy and his Dog” is a must-see at Groenplaats, the old town of Antwerp. The statue depicts Nello and Pastrasche, two characters that are part of the 19th-century novel “A Dog of Flanders”. The novel has Antwerp as its scenario and it became very famous in Japan. Boy and dog are covered by a brick blanket, where they seem to be having a calm sleep in a breezy night. The white marble monument can be found in front of the Antwerp Cathedral, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal. You can also download the novel for free here.

Things to do in Antwerp - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - Groenplaats - Photo by Taylor Rooney

Middelheim museum

Art for all tastes. Sculpture, photography and drawing can be found among others outdoors in a beautiful green park and inside of a dreamy, modern building. Do take a look at the Museum’s website to check the highlights and the exhibition dates.

10 Best Things to do in Antwerp - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - Endless Loop by Max Bill - Unknown photo source via Middelheim Museum website

Tunnel Sainte-Anne

The Sainte-Anne tunnel is only for pedestrians and cyclists. This 572 meters long tunnel is located under the Scheldt river and it connects the city centre to the left bank side of Antwerp. It is a gem in the heart of the city and one of the nicest things to do when in Antwerp.

10 Best Things to do in Antwerp - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - Tunnel Sainte-Anne - Photo by Matteo Paganelli

This is a view from the left bank of the city. If you are the kind of person who likes a more quiet place, this is where you’ll enjoy looking at the river as the day goes by.

What to do in Belgium - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - Left bank of Antwerp - Photo by splentacular

MAS Museum

The Museum aan de Stroom and its 470 000 alternating museum pieces are one of the things to feel proud about Antwerp. The majestic architecture and a free entrance to the Rooftop are for sure a big must-see. You can also find bars outside where you can have a beer or a piece of pie while admiring the Scheldt river. How lovely!

What to do in Antwerp - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - MAS Museum - Photo by xandro Vandewalle


The Kloosterstraat is a long street that offers a variety of shops, such as antique shops and unique fashion shops. Walking down the street you can also find art galleries, book shops and cute bars to have a coffee or drink a beer. Your eyes will never be tired while walking down Kloosterstraat. The first time I went there it was because an Antwerper (that’s how people from Antwerp like to be known), a dear friend of mine, said that was his favourite street in the city. Who would have guessed that it would become my favourite street as well?

things to do in Antwerp
10 best things to do in Antwerp - Kloosterstraat - Unknown photo source via Kloosterstraat website

FOMU Museum

Fomu is a Museum of Photography in Antwerp. It is located in Antwerpen-Zuid, another cute side of the multi-facet Antwerp. At FOMY you can appreciate exhibitions of many Belgian artists but also artistic from all over the world. Insider tip: when you finish the tour, you can also take a picture in their Photo Booth. A nice memory from a nice place, huh?

Things to do in Belgium - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp - FOMU Museum - Photo by Stephan Vanfleteren

Party at Bar Rodin

Every week a new playlist, from Italo to disco, to the 80s, to rock’n’roll, to African boogie nights. At Bar Rodin you can grab your favourite drink (or water, that’s ok too!) and enjoy the best playlist in town with very much charm. This is the place to be.

Things to do in Belgium - UNBLND
Things to do in Antwerp -Bar Rodin - Photo by Bar Rodin

UNBLND in Antwerp

By the way, did you know that the promotional video of UNBLND was recorded in Antwerp? You can see the MAS Museum and some other adorable footages of Antwerp. How about downloading the UNBLND app to find friends and visit charming Antwerp?Our app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

> Are you passionate about Antwerp and would like to become an ambassador for the city? Let us know here!

Things to do in Antwerp - UNBLND
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